4th Dimension Innovative Marketing's Thriving Culture

The Director of Operations at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing discussed the firm's empowering team environment. He also shared details on the events that bring his associates closer together.

​​An uplifting culture powers the continuing success of 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing. “It’s got to be hands down the best thing we have going for us,” explained Garrett, the Director of Operations. “A strong and positive culture is the driving force of our company, and I have seen it transform over the years into a completely amazing entity. Knowing I get to work alongside such talented people every day makes getting out of bed easy.”

Garrett believes pride is the best word to describe how he feels about the 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing environment. He remarked, “There is an abiding sense of pride for who we are and what we are working to accomplish. Our associates bring a strong work ethic to every new challenge, and the pride they take in their work really shines through in the winning results our firm achieves.”

Several core values inform the work atmosphere at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, including integrity, curiosity, transparency, and efficiency. Garrett stated, “We emphasize honesty and accountability, and we want our team members to understand that continuous learning is the best way to sustain success.”

The Director continued, “We will be focusing on a few particular skills in the coming weeks as we begin an exciting new campaign. Our associates will need to use their work ethic to balance the needs of every brand in our portfolio as they gain more product knowledge in the process.”

4th Dimension Innovative Marketing’s Director Elaborates on Team Events

“We bring our associates together away from the office on a regular basis,” the Director added. “There are so many activities our people look forward to, and I know they allow our company to work better together to reach even greater heights.”

The company’s associates vote every Friday morning on the restaurant, arcade, or bowling alley they want to attend that night. Garrett commented, “It’s loads of fun when we storm an unsuspecting venue and have a great time as a group. The location isn’t what makes it so memorable; it’s the fact that our culture encourages uniquely tight bonds.”

Garrett believes team nights are major contributors to the company’s collaboration-focused environment. He explained, “Team-building activities can easily feel too much like work, but our events remind our people that we are weaving a financial future together and enjoying every second of it. We like to joke that we haven’t worked since we joined the 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing team, because what we do doesn’t often feel like work!”

4th Dimension Innovative Marketing associates most recently gathered at Boulders on Broadway. Garrett stated, “This is a great restaurant located very close to our office with a lively atmosphere, delicious food, and plenty of fun activities. We were really looking forward to it, and it was a blast!”

About 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing

4th Dimension Innovative Marketing is a performance-driven firm. Its team has fostered a distinct track record for serving brands of all sizes. The firm’s specialty is in creating compelling outreach campaigns that drive fast customer acquisition for brands. With a history of big outcomes, 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing has enjoyed continued growth. Its reputation has led to repeat business and plenty of opportunities to partner with new brands. By embracing the firm’s core values, the team reliably promotes growth that far surpasses the competition.  

Source: 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing