4th Dimension Supports Great Cause, Reaps Rewards

4th Dimension Innovative Marketing's Director of Operations discussed the firm's recent giveback effort and how it bolstered camaraderie. He also elaborated on why giving back is good for business.

Philanthropy is a key element of the 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing culture for a variety of reasons. Garrett, the firm’s President, explained, “First and most importantly, we want to make a positive impact wherever we can. We also know there are business benefits that come with giving back, which we keep in mind as we support good causes. Right now, we’re looking forward to our next philanthropic effort, which will aid animals looking for new homes in our area.”

Leatha, the head of HR at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, stated, “We love to get involved with our community and help people in need, but we’re also big animal lovers. With that in mind, we’ve decided to volunteer our time with the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Shelter. We’ll be walking the dogs who are hoping to be adopted. This helps them get acclimated to human contact before they go to their permanent homes.”

Giving back is a proven way to build stronger bonds between team members. The President commented, “This might be the best giveback event yet in terms of bringing our people closer together. The idea that we can help adoptable dogs get closer to finding their forever homes is rewarding to say the least. I know we’ll be a more unified team after we spend some time with our furry friends, and I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one ends up a member of the extended 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing family.”

4th Dimension Innovative Marketing’s President on the Business Advantages of Social Giving

One of the prime benefits of engaging in philanthropy is a sharpened public profile. “People want to support companies that are committed to making a difference,” shared the firm’s President. “When we work together to make a positive impact in the community, consumers link the 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing name with charitable efforts. That pays off in the long run, both for our team and for the businesses we represent.”

Giving back to the community also has positive effects on team engagement. Perry stated, “Our charitable efforts have a way of inspiring stronger teamwork. Knowing their contributions make a real difference is a major motivator for our people, so every giveback event leads to more innovative outreach campaigns. Our executives learn about each other on a personal level through giving as a team, and then apply stronger camaraderie to propel the companies we represent.”

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